Discounts offered to our service men & women. Also, to our educators as a thank you!

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Dale Complete Landscaping has been servicing clients in Pasco FL for more than 12 years. The owner has over 20 years of experience in landscaping. Dale Complete Landscaping has an alliance with a membership lawn company called Wesley Chapel Lawn Care Service to offer general lawn maintenance (

Dale Complete Landscaping offers garden maintenance and delivers mulch or crush rock to those in Wesley Chapel or Zephyrhills. We will soon will be facilitating deliveries for our new Garden store coming in late 2020. 

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Small Company

Dale Complete Landscaping for the past few years has been blessed with success, but with such great successes have created a real problem in which we can not take on every job that comes our way. We are truly sorry. We only take on what we can handle. Please be aware we try to give each job/ client the time it deserves, but sometimes we are delayed by weather, and or additional work asked by such client. We are a small company just trying to treat people as people and not as a number!

Deliveries are sent out on Fridays and Saturdays. We will text when on way. 

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We thank you for your questions, and or feedback! If you hire Dale Complete Landscaping to deliver materials or plants or other please understand that Dale Complete Landscaping is not liable for stains or weight effects by our equipment. The purchaser also takes full responsibility for all such material once delivered! We are not liable for material stains or chips to property due to material being delivered.

Area Dale Complete Landscaping Services:

Wesley Chapel, Zephyrhills




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From April to the end of August, there may be a waiting list. Large jobs, it is best to get on list as early as possible. 

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Property Maintenace

Company accomplishments/ Owner


Dale Complete Landscaping Accomplishments:


  • Hurricane Irma came and went and the owners cooked and charged cell phones and did what could to get normalcy back to community. 
  • August 29, 2017 provided supplies free of charge to protect from  Hurricane Irma. 
  • August 28, 2017 at 8:48 pm all Wesley Chapel Lawn accounts done before storm hit (Two companies working together).
  • In 2016 Dale Complete Landscaping worked double hard to get entire list done prior to hurricane Hermine and in time for holiday week.
  •  In 2015 donated over $5000 of service to local charities. 
  •  In 2015 Dale Complete Landscaping was asked to maintain common grounds of Crestview Hills. Crestview: "We are very happy with Dale Complete Landscaping. Quality service." 
  •  In 2013 Dale Complete Landscaping completed a new drainage system for Crestview Hills. This was not a small job in any means.
  •  In 2013 Mr. Dale took some time in California to learn about edible landscaping and Xeriscaping or drought tolerant/ environmentally safe landscaping.
  •  In 2012 Dale Complete Landscaping will have garden that we designed and installed issued in  Harris Magazines "Small Garden 2012".
  •  In 2012 Dale Complete Landscaping has the honor of 5 hour Energy to stop by and fuel up my crews. 
  •  In 2008 Dale was certified in the Zoysia sod. Since 2008 Dale Complete Landscaping has laid 81 properties with Zoysia. In 2012 Dale Complete Landscaping will have completed its single largest Sod job of 4600 square foot sod job. We  get all sod directly from Bethal farms. Dale Complete Landscaping has  been creating dream landscapes in Pasco County for 4 + years.
  • In 2007 Dale Complete Landscaping sold two landscaping designs that included edible and hydroponics to a Chinese firm. One design allowed for a fish pond in lobby and the water pumped to the roof for a vegetation garden. The vegetation to be used in restaurants with in the building. 


Interior and or Exterior landscaping/ property maintenance:

Crestview Hills HOA
"We are very happy with Dale Complete Landscaping. Quality service." 

5.0 Review by Patrick C. in Wesley Chapel, FL
Project: Mow Grass and Maintain LandscapingAll  I can say is wow. Prompt , courteous, and professional. They explained  to me what they did, and what is going to be done. They even offered to  remove the stuff from my back yard. I have never used a landscaping  company before. If I would have known how ready and cost effective it  would be, I would have hired these guys long ago and saved myself the  headaches of lawn maintenance. I'm going to convince my in laws to  change over to Dale Complete Landscaping. Thanks so much.

5.0 Review by Liz T. in Wesley Chapel, FL
Project: Mow Grass and Maintain LandscapingFastest lawn mower have seen yet. On time. Professional and friendly. Easy to contact.

4.5 Review by Patricia R. in Wesley Chapel, FL
Project: Mow Grass and Maintain LandscapingI  would highly recommend "Dale Complete Landscaping " for your lawn care  needs, they are prompt and courteous and also promptly respond to any  email questions or concerns that I may send them. They are also  competitively priced.

5.0 Review by Pamela C. in Wesley Chapel, FL
Project: Mow Grass and Maintain LandscapingKnowledgeable, professional, experienced - quality company. Really pleased with the service we have received to date.